Deluxe Lavish Made to Measure Curtains in Dubai 

Volume Space offers curtain manufacturing and fittings to meet all requirements.

Volume Space focus on sprucing up your interiors with top end fabrics and delicately designed curtains in Dubai. As a leading curtain supplier, we invest in only the most luxurious materials to produce round the clock extravagance to all our clients.

Our high end Consumer base consistently provides strong and positive feed-back, this ensures we are always improving our skillful expertise at Volume Space Interiors. These aspects allow us to create a strong brand and team awareness, which is combined to develop a powerful strategic plan for all elements of your interior inspirations and expectations.

Custom Made Curtains in Dubai

Those perfect custom made curtains might be all your interior needs to look that little bit more spectacular. Volume Space Interiors manufacture their custom made curtains from only the finest and quality materials Dubai has to offer.

We promise made to measure curtains, manufactured to meet your specific design specifications. We provide 100% before and after solutions and care, as well as the latest developments and highest quality of customer service.

We provide high quality materials to ensure luxurious bespoke results.

Curtain Fabrics:

  • Sulphur
  • Velvet
  • Linen
  • Weave Curtain
  • Silk
  • Contemporary Jacquards